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To discuss the CCTV requirements of your building, get in contact with our offices today.



All systems are supplied and installed by DFS Security

DFS Security provides clients all over Waterford with a full CCTV system supply and installation service.

We provide clients with a range of CCTV systems that can be installed to the unique security specifics of the building.
Our contemporary cameras display at the industry standard of 2 Mega Pixels.

The flexibility of our security range means we can provide self-monitoring CCTV systems. 

Self-monitoring systems are completely compatible with mobile technology and camera feeds can be sent directly to an app on the client’s smartphone. This allows the client to check their premises from anywhere in the world.

For those interested in a CCTV and monitoring service, DFS Security provides a full CCTV 24 hour monitoring service which includes all CCTV cameras, all speakers and a 24-hour monitoring service.

For the very best in professional CCTV supply and installation, get in contact with DFS Security today.

Benefits of CCTV

Deters against vandalism, theft and mischief
Tracks movement of staff and stock
Surveillance of pedestrian traffic within your building
Cameras can be covertly installed in vulnerable areas
Ideal for all cash businesses
Digital or video recording
Visual identification of unauthorised people entering your premises
Remote Viewing
Day or night, you’ll know what’s going on in your business even when you’re not there
All cameras built with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) which is the latest technology in CCTV and contributes a number of intelligent features and controls. Digital recording: Unrivalled evidential – quality images on a hard disk
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